Tuesday, June 28, 2011


i never thought in a million years i would be staying on this ship any longer! But i couldn't turn the grand asia and australia voyage down! here's the itinerary. we have 2 more months of alaskan cruising... then off to asia and australia!!! cannot wait. spending my 21st birthday overnight in perth australia!
email me if you're ever in the seattle or BC area! would love to see some familiar faces.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

preparing for take off...

So week by week... day by day... I have been reminding myself of how thrilling this trip is going to be. Even though I cannot WAIT to see my family for a few days.. I'm excited to leave the country for the first time! Here are only a FEW of the places we're going on our first cruise to South America :)

love you all :) happy christmas!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

long walks. beach. and 2 shows left!

This week has been a GREAT week... besides having almost NOTHING in my bank account and having the head choreographer of Stiletto observe one of our first runs of a show... great.

- luckily last weekend I had the chance to meet up with my good friend Lindsey from tuacahn. We ended up going to a yummy pizza place in west hollywood, then unfortunately our phones navigation systems failed us as we tried to go see the new Black Swan. A ballet/drama/thriller featuring Natalie Portman, we've been wanting to see it ever since it finally came out in the very beginning of december! sooo frustrating.... another night we hung out to see the exact same movie, and yet again it was SOLD OUT! oh well. hopefully it will be in the ship's library of movies or even redbox by the time I get back!

- Venice beach california. Spent this friday roaming the streets of venice. Such a beautiful city! full of vintage shops, italian restaurants, and of course.... marijuana doctors. haha. Fortunately i brought my camera with me to record some of the beautiful sites of the city. here are a couple from the adventure :)
awesome christmas lights through the canal!

the building on the right is where we had dinner at the best thai place ever!

Jessica met up with me for the 2nd half of my day!

this iswhat the beach looked like until about 2 pm!

I better get used to these beautiful sunsets!

- 2 more shows to learn! Avalon and Dancin' fool! As we're getting closer and closer to our departure date, i keep learning more and more about the ships!
1. we have a BUNCH of over night ports! which means... fancy hotels and great shopping!!! for example... Mumbai, Dubai, Turkey, Naples, and panama canal!
2. I'm almost positive i'm going to fly straight from seattle to New York at the end of my contract to go visit one of my best friends, Alexis. Also hopefully make a few auditions and possibly find a place to live for a few months?????
3. We have 2 weeks on the ship until we perform our first show! yaaay! hopefully i'll be used to it by then!
4. free. amazing. food.

things are looking up :)

until next time.
Happy holidays!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


its been a BUSY BUSY BUSY week... luckily we have a 3 day weekend coming up! disneyland??? san diego??? we'll see!

but for now.... i'm super excited about the music video i was included in last august, it finally came out! here's the video :) look for the random face that pops up during the important screen shots hahha, thats mee.